The life after the awakening

Good afternoon to all!

We have been receiving some visitors from abroad to Projeto Terapeutico Toque Divino. So we’ve decided to write something in English for them.

I want to talk to you today about the new life one attains after the awakening mental illness causes us to have.

When I say “causes us to have”, I mean pushes us to, requires us to have. Without this awakening, the person remains sick even if his mental condition is stabilized by medication.

There is a change in the inside, a new perspective of the self that serves as a frontier which separates the incapacitated from the healed.

The enigma of mental illness is that everything that happens to the mind happens in the one mind there is and not in two separated minds.

The mind which is sick is the same mind where the self speaks and is known. And at first it seems impossible to the mentally sick to assimilate the fact that there is a problem within without becoming a stranger to himself.

Am I divine created or am I a mistake?

A mental disease is the most passionate thing the mind has ever tasted. Nothing is as strong and powerful than those neural connections it triggers. No other experience has a stronger appeal to receive the name of “myself”.

When psychotherapy name “disease” what I used to call “myself”, than this opens the doors for a special kind of crises which can push the patient toward the awakening that cures.

And that is the crises of love.

What do I love the most the disease or the self? The disease or somebody else I love?

The disease is what nullify the self and hurts everybody else, specially the ones I truly love and care for.

Is there any love greater than the love for the rush of my darkness?

One word of confession opens the doors to freedom and brings the dormant into awakening.

Through the path of confession that which is broken can become whole again.

He will learn to make turns in his ways, avoid things he was used to pursue and certain people he once called friends.

His thoughts he will learn to speak up and in that reject what is bad or harmful.

There is a new life for those who triumph over mental illness for they finally get the meaning of life and through this humility path they eventually become something great, the best they can be: themselves.

My best regards to all,

Dr. Rafael Caldeira de Faria, Psicólogo Corporal, CRP 06/89471, e o Fundador do Projeto Terapêutico Toque Divino.

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